Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Chapter 11 - Playing Around

Lost looked around the table at her dorm room friends, Swirl, Gracie, and Fang. It was supper and the whole day seemed to be a big blur for Lost.
"So," Lost said, spooning some soup into her mouth. "What do you want to do tonight?"
"Well, I hear the games room is cool. Maybe we could hang out and play some games?" Fang suggested.
"Oh! Good idea!" Gracie replied as she buttered her bread.
"Apparently Aparri will be there as well," Swirl said, grinning. "Maybe we should get his autograph and be, like, famous."
Lost laughed. "An autograph from some dude at school? I'll pass."
Swirl stood up and looked at each girl in turn. "Ready to go?"
There was a chorus of "yes" and "sure" as the girls got up and marched out of the cafeteria.
"Um, where is the games room?" Lost said, unsure.
"I know! I've been there before. It's that way," Fang said, pointing down the hall.
The girls slowly trailed down the hall, laughing and chattering.
"Oh, hey," Lost said, suddenly remembering something. "Did you guys hear about the fight?"
"What fight?" Gracie gasped.
"I heard about it," Swirl said, slowly. "Apparently, two guys got quite upset about something. From what I heard, it sounded like one of them had 'stolen' some item from the other."
"Is that even true?" Lost gaped.
"No clue. Just rumors, I suppose," Swirl shrugged.
"Do you know who they were?" Fang asked.
"Hey! Guys! Wait up!" a girl called from behind them.
The girls whirled around and saw Ja running up to them.
"Wow," Ja panted. "You guys are fast."
"We were just walking," Lost giggled. "But what's up, Ja?"
"A couple of things, actually!" Ja said. "First, I wanted to come with you. You're going to the games room, right?"
"Second," Ja said, continuing after Swirl nodded. "You know that fight that happened earlier today?"
"We were just talking about it! Do you know who the boys were?" Gracie asked.
"Yeah! 'Cause it was my brother who was the one who got stolen from!" Ja announced.
The other girls stared at Ja.
"Huh?!" they all cried in unison.
"Woah, did you plan on that?" Ja laughed. "Anyway, yeah, my brother got stolen from. From some dude who usually hangs out with Fman."
"Ugh," Lost said, remembering playing dodgeball with him.
"Wait, wait!" Gracie said, holding up her hands. "Which brother? Tox or Pob?"
"Pob was the one who got stolen from. Tox actually ran and got the HQ," Ja explained.
"Ooooh!" Lost exclaimed. "I saw your brother run and get them. Everyone was so upset that he got the HQ."
"Oh really?" Ja said, clenching her fists. "That is just SO wrong! How is helping bad?"
Swirl shrugged. "Maybe they were friends with that stealer?"
"C'mon, guys. Let's go before it gets full!" Fang said, teasingly tugging Lost's arm.
All five girls continued down the hall and into the room marked "Games Room."
Lost looked around the room. All around were tables and chairs set up. A couple of pool, air hockey, Ping-Pong, and foosball tables were in rows close to the door. A small table was set up on the right that had a sign that read "Autographs." In the back of the room were other tables that had board and card games. On the left were cozy, brown couches with pillows spread neatly on them.
But the strange thing was, the room was empty.
"Woo!" Ja cried, racing around the room. "We have the whole room to ourselves!"
Lost laughed. "What, you wanna play tag?"
"No," Ja grinned, slowing down near the Ping-Pong table. "Hey, let's play this together!"
"But there's five of us and only four rackets," Fang pointed out.
"That's ok! I'll be a score keeper," Gracie said, cheerfully.
"I'm on Swirl's team!" Lost said, jumping up and down.
"I'll be on Ja's team then," Fang smiled.
As the girls played and laughed, the room slowly got fuller. Soon, almost all the tables were occupied.
"Okay!" Gracie announced. "Ja and Fang won!"
"Aw, good job!" Swirl said, beaming. "But you gotta admit, me and Lost did pretty good."
Lost laughed and gave Swirl a high-five. "Ooh! Let's do what they do in "Austin and Ally."
Swirl and Lost high-fived again and then did a fist bump. "What up!" Lost said, giggling.
"You watch that show too?" Swirl said.
All of a sudden, the door room flew open with a loud BAM. Lost looked up and saw Aparri march into the room with a herd of kids following behind him. Some even had caps that looked like... cheese?!
"Yo!" Aparri said as he sat down behind the table that was for autographs "If you want an autograph from your boy Aparri, just come over here and line up!"
A shriek came from a cluster of girls that were sitting on the couch. They jumped up and bolted over to the table with pieces of paper out, ready for an autograph.
"Wow. Just wow," Lost rolled her eyes.
"Do you guys want an autograph?" Ja asked. "Because I kinda do. Just for fun, you know?"
"It's fine, go ahead," Swirl grinned.
As Ja ran over and stood in line, Lost felt someone tap her on the shoulder.
"Yes?" Lost turned around and saw Gfox, the girl she had met at breakfast.
"Hi Lost! Remember me?" Gfox asked, smiling.
"Yeah, of course! Good to see you again!" Lost exclaimed. "Have you met my friends before?"
"No, I don't think so!" Gfox said, looking shyly over at Swirl, Gracie, and Fang.
"This is Swirl," Lost said, pointing to each girl in turn. "This is Gracie and this here is Fang. They're my dorm twenty-six girls."
"Hi!" Gracie said, shaking Gfox's hand.
"I'm baaaack!" Ja sang, coming over. She then noticed Gfox. "Oh, hi! I'm Ja!"
"I'm Gfox," Gfox smiled.
"How many autographs did you get?!" Lost said, staring at the small pile of paper in Ja's hand.
"Um, one for me, Sarah, Tox, Pob, and then one for each of you guys," Ja said sheepishly. "Good thing I got an extra, I didn't know Gfox would be here!"
"Aww, that's really sweet of you!" Lost said as Ja handed out the autographs.
"It was nothing," Ja shrugged, blushing slightly.
Lost yawned and brushed her long bangs aside. "Well, I dunno about you, but I am tired. I think I'm heading up to my dorm to chill for a while."
"Sounds like a good plan!" Gracie said. "Ja and Gfox, wanna hang out in our dorm?"
"Sure!" Ja and Gfox said at the same time and then laughed.
The six girls wandered out of the games room, down the hall, up the stairs, and up to room number twenty-six. Fang took out her key and unlocked the door, holding it open for everyone.
Lost went straight to her bed and plopped down, sighing happily. "I. Am. Tired!"
"Me as well," Swirl yawned.
Swirl, Gracie, and Fang went to their beds and sat down.
"Feel free to sit on any bed," Gracie said to Ja and Gfox.
As Swirl took of her ever-pleasant wizard hat, Ja flew across the room and sat down next to Swirl.
"Can I try your hat on?" Ja said, doing puppy-dog eyes.
"Sure!" Swirl laughed.
Gfox walked over and sat down on the edge of Lost's bed. "What do you guys wanna do now?"
Just as Lost was about to open her mouth, a loud knocking came from behind the door.
Fang got up and opened the door. "Hello?"
"Hi, is my sister here?" a girl's voice said. Lost tried to see who it was but Fang was standing in the way.
"Uh, depends on who your sister is," Fang replied.
"Her name is Ja," the girl said.
"Sarah?" Ja said, bounding over to the door.
"Ja! How could you just leave me?" Sarah said dramatically. "Me and Karalee were worried!"
"Sorry!" Ja said. "I thought you knew where I was going."
"It's almost time for bed, wanna go back to our dorm?" Sarah asked.
"Okay, sure," Ja replied, handing the wizard hat back to Swirl. "Thanks for letting me hang out, guys!"
"Goodnight, Ja!" Gracie called from her bed.
"I should go too," Gfox said, hopping off Lost's bed. "Bye guys!"
Fang shut the door after Sarah, Ja, and Gfox left. "You guys wanna go to bed now?"
"I'm good with that," Swirl said, pulling her pajamas out of her bag.
After half an hour or so, all the girls had brushed their teeth, changed into pajamas, and were in their beds. Swirl jumped out of bed and flipped the light switch. She then ran and jumped into bed.
"Goodnight, dorm twenty-six girls," Lost said, smiling in the dark.
"Goodnight!" they said in unison.
As the room got quiet, Lost snuggled into her covers and sighed a happy sigh.
Yet again, school was fun and busy. I'm so glad I have such good friends with me.

 I can't wait see what tomorrow has in store!

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