Thursday, March 29, 2018

Chapter 16 - Restless

Lost was sitting, leaning against the wall when Sarah and Swirl came into the dorm. Their laughter and chatter stopped when they saw Lost looking shaken.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Sarah asked, her brow crinkled in concern.

"Did something happen? Are you still worried about that noise you heard?" Swirl said.

"I guess I'm still a bit spooked," Lost started shakily, "When I was walking back, I heard someone behind me! I saw them, they were right behind me!"

"Wait, wait. Someone was actually stalking you?" Swirl gulped.

"I think so." Lost stood up, her legs still weak from the fright.

For a moment, the dorm was quiet as the girls thought about what Lost said.

"It could have been someone going to their dorm and they just happened to be behind you," Sarah said after a while.

"That's possible," Swirl replied.

Lost nodded, still a bit unsure. "Yeah, maybe."

"Well, as much as I don't want to leave you guys, I should get back to my dorm," Sarah said. "I'll see you all tomorrow, okay?"

Sarah walked over to the door, paused, and turned around. "And Lost? Don't worry, we'll figure this mystery out."

"Thanks, Sarah. Have a good sleep!" Lost said.

Lost watched Sarah leave. As the door softly closed, Lost's gaze met Swirl's.

"Don't worry. We can think about this tomorrow. Try to get some rest," Swirl said reassuringly.

Lost nodded and smiled softly at Swirl before going to sit on her bed. She leaned back into the soft blanket and stared at the plain white ceiling above her.
A thought struck her. Rolling over, she grabbed her phone from the night table. She lightly pressed the power button and went to all of her text messages. She clicked Koolest's name and sent a quick text.

Lost scanned her last few texts that she had sent at school. A few of them said they had been read but the last few hadn't. And there had been no reply from Koolest.

She's probably just busy with school and stuff. She'll get back to me later.
- - -
Lost felt like an overtired zombie the next morning as she grabbed the tray and moved down the line. She stiffly held her tray of scrambled eggs and toast and gazed out at all the tables. She thought she noticed a few students glance at her and whisper something to their friends.
Everyone probably knows I ditched a class. Great.
"Lost! Over here!" Ja called from a table nearby.
"Hey," Lost mumbled as she sat down and started poking at her eggs. The smell was making her want to puke.
"Lost, you look awful! Did you not get any sleep?" Karalee asked, her eyes full of worry.
"I had a super restless sleep," Lost said.
Swirl stared at Lost from across the table. "Is this about last night?"
"Oh, Sarah told me what happened, Lost! That sounds spooky!" Ja said.
"Wait, what? Did I miss something?" Karalee said. "Something spooky happened?"

Lost ate her toast while vaguely listened as Swirl and Sarah gave Karalee the full story on what happened. Lost's mind drifted off to think about what to say to Ms. Liza and what might happen to her and if she'd fail English and-
"Wow, Lost, that sounds so weird!" Karalee said, her voice breaking through Lost's worries. "The mystery just gets more and more strange."
"Mhm," Lost said and rubbed her eyes.
"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Sarah asked. "You look super tired. Is there anything else bothering you?"
"Well, I haven't heard from Koolest in a long while. She hasn't replied to any of my recent texts and I'm worried," Lost said.
"Oh no," Swirl said worriedly. "I'm sure everything is fine but I'll keep an eye out for her, okay?"
"Yeah, I think we have some of the same classes so I'll try to spot her," Karalee said.
"We'll find her, don't worry," Ja patted Lost's shoulder.

"Thanks, guys." Lost forced a smile, trying to ignore the worry that was twisting in her.
- - -
"Lostfairy? Lostfairy, can you come back to us, please?" Mr. Cosmo called.
"Whuh?" Lost sat up straight quickly. Everyone in her science class turned and gave her odd looks.
Mr. Cosmo sighed and rubbed his face tiredly. "I was asking if you knew what male bees are called and if they had any job in the hive?"
"Um," Lost quickly thought back at what she had read the day before. "They are called drones and their job is to mate with the female bees," Lost said.
"That is correct but pay more attention next time, okay?" Mr. Cosmo said before asking some other student a question about female bees.
Lost slumped in her chair. Her mind was full of worry and she just couldn't think of anything else. Her gaze slipped over to her backpack.

Should I risk it?

Carefully reaching for her backpack pocket that held her phone, she kept an eye on Mr. Cosmo. She quietly slipped the phone out and turned it on. She checked her text messages.
Still none from Koolest.
Lost felt her heart drop lower as she put the phone back. Penguin, sitting next to her, caught her gaze. He looked at her, then the backpack, and then her again. He frowned and shook his head before looking back at Mr. Cosmo.
Trying to act cool, Lost felt her face turn warm as she tried to pay attention to the young teacher as he excitedly talked about the eating habits of bees.
- - -
Lost slunk into her English classroom before the bell rang, hoping to catch Ms. Liza alone so they could talk before everyone came and heard them. That would be majorly embarrassing.
The room was empty except for Ms. Liza who was grabbing books from a box and putting them into the giant oak shelves. She turned around to see who had come in.
"Ah, Lost, glad to see your feeling better," Ms. Liza smiled. "Come, help me put these books away."
Lost slowly walked over, feeling uncomfortable. She held a stack of books out for let Ms. Liza who grabbed the first one and searched for its place.
"So, what happened yesterday?" Ms. Liza asked after a few minutes.
Lost gulped. "I panicked, I'm so sorry. You can punish me or tell the Headmaster or fail me or-"
"Sweetie, calm down," Ms. Liza chuckled softly. "Nothing bad is going to happen. It was my own fault, jumping that on you at the last second."
"I just don't like public speaking." Lost handed her teacher a thick book. "And I know ditching class is awful but I just had to get away."
"I get that, Lost," Ms. Liza said, sliding another book into its place. "But in English, you will have to do public speaking but you will get better. And your in Drama, aren't you? That will also help you cause you'll have to do your lines onstage."
Ms. Liza turned to look at Lost and looked into her eyes. "We can't always run away from our fears. Life will sometimes make us have to face them head on. You can do that for me?"
Lost nodded just as the bell rang.
"Well, it's almost class time. Thank you for helping, Lost," Ms. Liza said with a smile. She grabbed the box and put it in a nearby cupboard.
"So, I'm not in trouble?" Lost asked, shocked.
"No, you're fine." Ms. Liza winked as if they had a special secret and walked over to her desk.
Breathing a sigh of relief that everything went better than expected, Lost sat at her desk and waited for class to start.


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