Thursday, March 22, 2018

Chapter 13 - There's Something Brewing in Jamaasian High

Lost quickly opened the door to English class, panting from running. Mr. Graham had randomly decided to make his class go longer. The bell had finished ringing about a minute ago.

In other words, Lost was late.

"Good to see you, Lostfairy," Ms. Liza said as some students snickered. "Please, take your seat."

Lost scooted to her desk, sat down, and leaned back into the chair with a sigh. She tried to ignore the weird looks some of her classmates were giving her. Lost noticed Bepper give her a slight sympathetic smile.

"Today is an exciting day!" Ms. Liza declared. "Today is the day where we all find out who's wonderful report gets read in front of the whole class and then it gets read by Headmaster Clark! It's so exciting!"

"Now believe me," Ms. Liza continued, "it was so hard to decide which report should be the winner. But after much thinking, I chose the winner!"

I don't want to read my report to the whole class! Don't be me. Don't be me.
"And now! The moment you've all been waiting for! The winner is...

Don't be me. Please, not me. Anyone but me. DON'T BE ME!
"Lostfairy with the report titled "I'm Lost, Where's My Locker?" It was such a wonderful report, I'm sure you'll all love it! Lostfairy, would you please come up and read it out loud?" Ms. Liza said.

Nooooo! Not me!

Lost slowly stood up and walked up to the front of the classroom, legs trembling. Her breathing was quick and sharp, her hands shaking as she held her notes. Lost stared at all the students who were staring at her expectantly.

"You can begin," Ms. Liza said softly.

Lost nodded, took a deep breath, and began reading her report. "Have you ever been lost? Not knowing where to turn is an awful feeling. I am new at Jamaasian High and this is how I felt. I had no clue where my locker even was. Where could I put my stuff?"

Lost took a shaky breath and continued, her heart pounding. "Its not right that new students are lost, without even a place to put their books. Don't you think that no one in this school should be lost?"

"She should be lost for making us sit through this boring report," a girl whispered to her friend.

"If all of us students worked together," Lost hurried to say, blinking back tears, "we could all help out new students, make them feel at home."

"Oh gosh, she's going to cry. How lame," the girl whispered again as her friend giggled.

"I also think that when-when," Lost stammered and brushed a tear away, "new students show up, they should, um, be shown their locker right away and-"

Lost noticed more students snickering and whispering.

"I'm sorry but I can't do this," Lost said and ran out the room, hot tears running down her face as she burst into the hall.

She ran as fast as she could, ignoring Ms. Liza's calls. Lost ran hallway after hallway, not caring where she was going.Tears ran down her burning face as she slowly came to a halt.

Panting, Lost sniffled and kept on going, walking now. The halls were empty, everyone was in the classrooms, like they were supposed to.

Lost groaned as the realization hit her. She had run from class. What kind of trouble was she in?

Just as Lost was about to round a corner, she heard hushed voices from down the hall.

Curious, Lost stopped and pressed herself against the wall, trying to listen to the voices.

"This is serious! You have to take action!" a man said in his deep voice.

Is that... Mr. Greely?!

"But what could we even do?" another man replied, his voice getting louder as he spoke. "We cannot tell anyone. It could become chaotic. I'll look bad, this school will look bad!"

Huh? Is that Headmaster Clark?!

"Well, we have to do something," Mr. Greely replied calmly.

"I know that!" Headmaster Clark snapped. "But we can't just blatantly say it, now can we?"

"We must remain calm. Perhaps this problem will settled by itself," Mr. Greely said.

"Before her sister notices? I doubt that!" Headmaster Clark said.

"She's new, isn't she? Perhaps its all a big misunderstanding," Mr. Greely mused.

Lost jumped back from the wall as she heard them walking towards her. As they rounded the corner, they stopped their conversation. Headmaster Clark stared at Lost in shock while Mr. Greely just frowned.

"Now what are you doing outside of class?" Headmaster Clark asked in a fake calm voice.

"Do you even have a pass?" Mr. Greely growled, suspiciously.

"Um, no, but I was heading right to class," Lost fumbled. "Just a little, uh, lost, I guess."

"Shouldn't you be halfway done your class?" Mr. Greely glared at Lost.

"Uh, yes. But I, um, its complicated?" Lost cringed, wishing it didn't sound like a question. "Not to be a bother but what were you talking about before?"

"Nothing that should concern you," Headmaster Clark said. "Now, go along to your class."

Lost nodded and started walking back to her classroom, frustrated. Why had it sounded like they were talking about her? What was the serious problem?

What was brewing in the midst of Jamaasian High?

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  1. *Stands up and glares super fiercely at the rude girls laughing at you*
    SAY. THAT. AGAIN. *Grabs and wields a textbook like a weapon*

    In all honesty, though, I WOULD probably lose my temper if I saw that happening! Just, you know, maybe without the textbook-weapon part. XDD

    -Swirl (in a hyper mood) on her phone