Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chapter 10 - Second Star to the Right

"Well, have a delightful rest of your day, children!" Ms. Peck called over the loud chiming of the bell. Lost grabbed her backpack, slung it over her shoulder, and marched out of class, moving with the flow of students.
Already knowing where she was supposed to go, Lost pushed past kids as she wandered up to a set of stairs that would lead to the third floor.
Before school had started, Lost had signed up online to go to Jamaasian High. As she was going through the long process, she had picked a bonus class to go to at the end of the day.
Off to my first day of drama!
Lost hurried up the stairs and down the hall. She reached a door with a huge piece of cardboard paper that said in bold writing: "To be in drama or not to be, that is the question! Drama - Ms. Tavie."
Smirking, Lost pushed the door open and then stopped in her tracks and gaped. The room before her was looked like a Broadway show could take place here. The majestic burgundy curtains hung on a huge stage. Sets of gray cushioned chairs were in rows all around the room.
All of a sudden, Lost heard a loud cough come from behind the curtain. Lost gasped as the red material moved and shifted around. Then, a woman stepped out onto the stage and coughed again.
"Sorry to startle you!" the woman said. "There's just so much dust!" She waved her hand through the air, as if to a prove a point.
"That's ok," Lost said, walking over to the stage.
"And who might you be?" the woman said, brushing back her light brown hair, messing up her pearled headband. She also wore a light purple dress with a pretty dolphin on the front.
"I'm Lostfairy," Lost replied.
"I am Ms. Tavie!" Ms. Tavie said with a flourish.
The door opened again and a herd of students came and sat down in the chairs near the stage. Lost stood in front of the stage awkwardly, not knowing where to sit.
"Lost! Over here!" a girl called from a few rows away from the stage.
Lost looked up and saw Purplestarclub sitting with Penguin. Purple gestured her to come over.
After making her way past some seats, Lost plopped down beside Purple.
"So, you're in drama?" Lost said, quickly blushing at how silly the question sounded.
"Yup. I hope to work with the sets. You know, paint them and stuff," Purple replied.
"What about you, Penguin?" Lost asked, moving forward so she could see past Purple.
"I really don't want to act. I would rather work with the sets, like Purple. Except, not paint," Penguin explained.
Lost nodded. She didn't prefer going onstage either. Made her feel queasy just thinking about it. But she had done acting once before and it wasn't too bad. Though maybe it was because she didn't have many lines...
"LOST!" a loud yell broke though Lost's train of thought. Lost looked up and grinned when she saw it was Swirl.
"Hi Swirl! I can't believe we have drama together!" Lost exclaimed.
"I know. Right?" Swirl sat down next to Lost, eagerly looking around. She whistled long and loud when she saw the massive stage. "That is one big stage!"
Just as Lost was about to reply, a powerful clap sounded out throughout the room. Lost looked up and saw Ms. Tavie onstage again.
"May I have all your attention?" Ms. Tavie asked, her voice louder because of a microphone.
As the chattered quieted, she began speaking again.
"Welcome to your first drama class! I am your teacher, Ms. Tavie. You may not call me Tavie or Ms. Dolphin or any other sort of silly name you come up with. There will be no dawdling or rude behavior. And above all, you must be ready to take on whatever dramatic thing that comes your way. Understood?" Ms. Tavie stopped pacing and stared at all the students.
The room rippled with a bunch of "sure" and "ok" and Lost even heard someone call out "yes madam!"
Satisfied, Ms. Tavie continued. "Every year, us drama class puts on a few different glorious plays. The first production that we will do is the very well known story of..."
Ms. Tavie paused and then said triumphantly, "Peter Pan!"
Lost couldn't believe her ears. Peter Pan was her favorite classic fairy tale of all time. She loved it's funny sense of humor and everything about it!
"So, in a couple of days, we will have auditions. Everyone will be assigned to their role. Today, we will just practice for the audition! Come up to the stage to get the lines for the play and then split into groups. Plan on who you wish to be!"
Lost turned to Swirl quickly. "You should try out for Wendy!"
"Me? Why me? What about you?" Swirl said as she stood up.
"Well, I don't want to be the main character. And you'd be perfect for the role!" Lost replied, following Swirl to the front to get their lines.
"Hmm, maybe. It'd be fun to try out for the lead role..." Swirl said thoughtfully. Her frown slowly turned into a huge grin and she nodded. "Okay. I'll try out for Wendy!"
"Yay!" Lost said, beaming. "You'll make a great Wendy!"
"Who will you be?" Swirl asked. "I don't even know who's all in Peter Pan!"
Lost quickly sorted out all the characters she could be. "Well, there's Mrs. Darling and Nana, though I would rather not be a dog. There's Tigerlily the princess and Liza the maid I hardly remember..." Lost trailed off. "Oh wait! There's also Tinkerbell! And I could possibly be one of the many Lost Boys or pirates."
"Hmm, there's a lot of people. You could be a brown haired Tinkerbell! You even have the word 'fairy' in your name! You are destined to be Tinkerbell!" Swirl declared as she handed Lost her a piece of paper.
Lost chuckled and grabbed her lines. "Maybe. Being Tinkerbell would be fun. Except for two things."
"What?" Swirl asked.
"One, her favorite thing to say is quite odd," Lost said, ticking off the numbers with her fingers. "Two, that would mean I have to try over and over to kill you. I mean, Wendy!"
"Really? I don't remember that at all!" Swirl said, laughing. "You should still try out for Tinkerbell!"
Lost thought about it. Tinkerbell didn't have lots of lines, which was perfect for Lost. Yet, everyone loved Tinkerbell.
"Okay! I'll try out for her," Lost said.
Lost and Swirl wandered over to two empty chairs. Lost flipped through her papers and then stopped as a thought struck her.
"Oh no!" Lost groaned and put her head in her hands.
"What is it?" Swirl asked worriedly.
"I just realized that if I get cast as Tinkerbell, I'll have to pretend to love whoever Peter Pan is. What if it's some gross guy?" Lost said dramatically.
"Oh don't worry!" Swirl said. "It's not like you have to kiss him or something, right?"
"No. But still!" Lost replied.
"You'll be fine. Now, which scene do you want to practice? One with Tinkerbell and Wendy, right?" Swirl suggested.
"Hm," Lost leafed through the pages and then stopped on one. "There isn't very many with them both but how about the one where Tinkerbell gets one of the Lost Boys to shoot Wendy down from the sky?"
"Sure!" Swirl cleared her throat and began to say her first lines.
After a few minutes of practicing, a voice startled them both.
"You're trying out for Wendy?"
Lost looked up and saw Wisteriamoon standing next to their chairs and looking directly at Swirl.
"Um, yes?" Swirl replied uneasily.
"If I were you, I'd pick a different role," Wisteria said sweetly.
"Why?" Lost asked. "She can try out for anyone she wants!"
"Yes, but it'd be all in vain to try out for Wendy. You know why?" Wisteria said.
Swirl shrugged. "How come?"
"Because I am trying out for Wendy and no one beats Wisteriamoon." Wisteria said proudly, adding emphasis to 'moon.'
She then turned on her heels and headed off to a gaggle of girls. They immediately started chattering and laughing.
"The nerve of that girl!" Lost muttered angrily. "Want me to go punch her or something?"
Swirl laughed. "No, it's fine. Just ignore her."
"So, what are you going to do?" Lost asked.
"I'm going to still try out for Wendy! Who cares if she thinks that just because she's famous means that everyone obeys her?"
"Agreed," Lost smiled. "Okay, let's back to practicing."


  1. Finished all the chapters in a day,I wasn't really busy so I kept reading!!
    I absolutely loved it,pls write more!!I love how you added animal jam usernames

    1. Thank you so much! ^.^ I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D I will totally write more. ;)