Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chapter 5 - Bumping into Other Students

Lost moved her way down the halls, looking for people she knew. Lost pushed through the crowds of students, all trying to make their way to their classrooms. The bell hadn't rung yet but it would soon.

As Lost glanced down to at the marble flooring, she heard a shout. Lost quickly looked up to see a girl with white blond hair with pink streaks running down the hall.

"Hey, move it! Coming through! Outta my way!" the girl yelled.

Kids moved aside as she ran past them. Lost jumped to the side as the girl barreled along.

"Move for me, Princessbg! Please, clear the way!" Princessbg said.

Lost shook her head and kept walking as the girl went around the corner.

The bell rang a few seconds before Lost made it to the math classroom. Lost went inside and sat at a desk, waiting for more kids to come.

As the last herd of kids came in, an old man shuffled to the front desk. The man had wild white hair with weird goggles perched on his head. He wore a brown vest with emerald buttons. An odd key hung out of his pants pocket.

"Greetings, young students. Welcome to math class. I am your teacher, Mr. Graham," the man said before clearing his throat.

"You should see a book on your table. That is your math book. Read it cover to cover. Once, twice, thrice times if you need to," Mr. Graham said.

Lost glanced around the room and saw some kids already looking bored. One had their head on their desk and Lost could hear soft snores coming from their direction.

"Open your book," Mr. Graham said. "Oh look, our first math equation. Let's see what it is, shall we?"

* * *

The bell rung. Kids sat bolt up right, awake and ready to leave math.

"Alright, you may leave now," Mr. Graham said.

Lost scrambled out of her seat and marched into the hallway. She had memorized where she needed to go next, English.

As she walked down the halls, she looked up at the big wooden clock hanging in the hall and all of a sudden, she bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Lost said as she looked down at the girl she had walked into.

"It's ok. Not much harm done," she said as she rubbed her head.

"I'm Lostfairy," Lost said, sticking out her hand.

"I'm AJKraft. Or Kraft for short," Kraft shook Lost's hand. She had brown hair and was wearing a cute grey party hat. She sported a black jacket and a black pearl bracelet.

"Well, I hope to see you around," Lost said.

"Yeah, me too. See ya!" Kraft said as she continued down the hall.

Lost wandered her way to her English classroom and went inside where she found a group of girls surrounding a girl who had a magenta hat.

"Bepper, I just love your hat!" one of the girls cried.

Who in the world is Bepper?

The girl, named Bepper, smiled and pushed up her glasses. She wore a backpack that looked like white dragon wings and had a magenta tie around her neck. She adjusted her black clunky bracelets on her wrists.

I'm guessing she's ANOTHER well known person...

Lost sat down and let her eyes wonder around the room. She noticed how there were little trinkets scattered around in various places and shelves. She even noticed a fancy looking staff with a purple gem on top.

"Hey there! Are you excited for English to start? I am."

Lost looked up to see who had spoken to her and saw a girl smiling at her in the desk beside Lost. She wore a little blue top hat that looked like it was made out of candy. She also wore a turquoise knit sweater that was almost Christmas-y but it still worked for her. She had a bright sparkle in her eyes that made you feel happy too.

"Yeah, I guess I kinda am. I'm new here so everything is exciting," Lost replied. "I'm Lostfairy."

"Oh welcome here! I'm Awesomepanda. Nice to meet you!" Awesomepanda said.

Lost thought for a minute before saying, "Are you by any chance related to a Doomypanda?"

"Nope. Why?" Awesomepanda asked.

"Just curious," Lost said.

Awesomepanda started sorting things in her backpack. Lost looked out the window, waiting for class to start.

Hearing the door shut, Lost looked to see who had closed it. It was Ms. Liza from homeroom.

"Good afternoon! As you might know, I am Ms. Liza. I teach both homeroom and English," Ms. Liza said as she walked to the front of the room.

"Let's start this year of English with a fun writing exercise! I'm thinking it should be some report of some sorts. Any ideas? Feel free to shout them out!" Ms. Liza said.

"A report about summer vacation!"

"A pollution report!"

"A report about something we feel like needs changing in Jamaasian High!"

"Aha! I hear an intriguing idea! Let's make this report about something you feel needs changing in Jamaasian High. It'll be very interesting to hear everyone's thought on change in this school," Ms. Liza beamed. "I'll let you start working these reports for all of this class. The reports will be due in two days."

"Oh, and I just thought of something. How about after I read all the reports in two days, I'll pick the winning report and get the author of it to read it in front of the whole class. And it will get shown to Headmaster Clark. Sounds good?" Ms. Liza said.

Lost started wondering. What does need change?

I've hardly been here, how am I supposed to know things that need change?

She looked around the room to see if others were getting stuck like she was. Almost every kid was bent over their page, writing.

Lost turned back to her desk and tapped her chin with her pencil. Her fingers slipped and the pencil clattered to the floor. A couple kids looked up and snickered.

Lost blushed and bent down to pick it up. As she straightened up, she noticed Ms. Liza smiling kindly at her. She quickly looked back down at her paper and started thinking again.

Hmm, maybe... A better system of getting lockers and dorms? I STILL don't have my locker and I can't carry these heavy books all the time.

With that, she started writing.


  1. oh my gosh! great story cant wait for more chapters! -penelopeiscute

    1. Thank you so much, Pen! I will post more chapters soon! ^.^