Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chapter 4 - Trying to Fit in Isn't as Easy as it Looks

Lost walked out of the gym, still disappointed she had made her team lose. She pulled off her backpack, opened it, and dug around for her schedule. Finally finding it, she checked to see what was her next class.

Hm, history. Should be interesting.

She wandered her way through the busy crowd. There were loud shrieks coming from down the hall.

Probably Aparri. Or Wisteriamoon. Or someone else.

Lost reached her history class and walked into the room. She was the only one in room except for one girl who was writing in her notebook.

Lost sat at the desk near a window and set her backpack down. She glanced at the girl who looked like she was concentrating hard on whatever she was writing.

"Um, hi," Lost said, breaking the silence.

The girl looked up and stared at Lost.

"Um, never mind, you can keep on doing... what you were doing," Lost said, embarrassed.

"No, no. It's fine," the girl replied, pushing a strand of caramel colored hair from her face. "I just didn't realize you were going to talk to me."

"I'm Lostfairy."

"I'm Fluffykittenlover," Fluffy said.

Lost shifted around in her chair, trying to think of something else to say.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Lost asked.

"Sure, shoot," Fluffy said.

"What were you doing in your notebook?" Lost said, hoping she didn't sound rude.

"Oh, I was just doodling, waiting for class to start," Fluffy said, showing her notebook a little.

"Oh, ok! You're pretty good at drawing. My art is kinda whatever," Lost said.

"No, I bet your artwork is better!" Fluffy insisted. "Like, better times infinity."

"I don't think so. Here, I think I have some of my drawings with me." Lost opened her backpack and started searching for her doodling notebook that she had brought along.

"Here." Lost handed the notebook to Fluffy. "Be warned, the first pages are really bad. I started the notebook when I was a little kid, so they suck."

Fluffy opened up to the first page and looked as if she was about to laugh. "Sorry, it's pretty good for a kid, though!"

"It's totally fine!" Lost said.

Fluffy continued flipping through, laughing at some. She got to the end and pointed at a drawing of a dog.

"This is way better than my art!" Fluffy said.

"No, no. Yours is great!" Lost replied just as a steady stream of kids started coming into the classroom.

Fluffy handed the notebook back to Lost, who put it back into her backpack. Fluffy smiled at Lost who smiled back.

Some people in this school are so nice!

After the last few kids had come through, a man strolled into the room and stood in front of the black board.

He had black hair that was almost dark blue. He seemed to have this 'I'm better than you all' kind of look to his stern face. He had a thick dark gold colored chain around his neck.

"Hello, everyone," he said gruffly. "I will be your history teacher for the year."

He grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote his name on the blackboard. "My name is Mr. Greely. Today, we will be learning the history about our country, Jamaa."

He turned back to the class. "I don't expect any one you to pass this class. But still, I will try to get you to learn something."

What's up this guy?

Mr. Greely went over to a table at the side of the room and grabbed a big stack of books. He walked over to the desks and started handing them out.

"This will be your history book for the year. So I would suggest that you shouldn't lose it. Other whys, you pay for it," Mr. Greely said.

He finished handing the books out to the class and went back to his desk.

"Open your books to page one," Mr. Greely said, even though all the kids already knew that that is where you start a book.

Lost opened her heavy, leather book and noticed the pages seemed old and musty. They were yellow, almost brown, with age.

You'd think schoolbooks would be in better care.

"A long, long time ago, a brave woman set forth into an unexplored land we all know today as Jamaa. This explorers name was Mira and her trusty companion was named Zios. He helped her discover this land. Strangely, Mira didn't have anyone to help her with her travels. No big group. Just one man." Mr. Greely cleared his throat before continuing.

"Mira's diaries were found years after she died. In them, she always wondered why this strange land had so many different climates. Cold and warm. Desert and forest. She and Zios tried to figure it out but couldn't. We still don't know how it is possible but it somehow is." Mr. Greely drawled.

"We don't even know when Mira started her expedition. The date had been smudged away in her diaries. We will never know. All we know is where she started her expedition, Crystal Sands. Mira had been sailing with Zios on her grand voyage to the unknown. In her diary, she says she never feared what she would find because she had Zios at her side.

"Now, I have an assignment for you," Mr. Greely said. "You will draw the whole map of Jamaa. By hand. No computers allowed. If you use one, you will certainly fail.

The bell rung and Mr. Greely sighed before saying, "Tomorrow, we will be learning about the dangers Mira found in Jamaa. Be sure to finish your assignment by tomorrow."

Lostfairy stood up and grabbed her backpack. She glanced at Fluffy.

"What class do you have next?" Lost asked, curious.

"I have lunch. What do you have?" Fluffy said.

"Oh, me too!" Lost said.

Lost and Fluffy walked out of the classroom together towards the cafeteria, through the crowds of students.

When they got to the cafeteria, they pushed the doors open and Lost gaped at the sight.

There were tons and tons and tons of students. At the tables, in the lunch line, everywhere. The room was big and open. The tables were all made with a nice light coloring wood. The floor was like the floor in the entryway, marble. Vines grew from the walls and big windows made the room full light.

Fluffy said goodbye to Lost as she walked over to the lunch line to buy food.

Lost gulped and walked over to the quietest table she could find. There were a couple of kids here but they all ignored her.

Lost glanced around and noticed the girl across from her was reading a book. Lost moved her head lower to see what it was. It read 'Sherlock Holmes' . The girl peered over her book, chewing on a cheesy piece of pizza.

Lost quickly moved her head back up, hoping she didn't look weird.

The girl smiled through the cheese and swallowed.

"Hi!" she said, brushing down her white dress. She had nice tan skin, like she had been outside for a while. Her hair was brown and looked great against her skin.

"Hey," Lost said, opening up her lunch bag. "Is that book good? I absolutely love books!"

"It's a GREAT mystery!" the girl said, bobbing her head up and down. "I'm Karalee, by the way. Or sometimes I go by DXplorergirl. What's your name?"

"I'm Lostfairy," Lost said. She then noticed another girl reading a book. It was a Bryan Davis book.

"Hey, my siblings love Bryan Davis," Lost said to the girl.

The girl looked up and smiled. "I love his books too! I'm Sarahkey. Oh, have you guys heard of Owl City? His music is super good!"

"Yeah! I listen to his music all the time," Lost said as she took her lunch out of the bag.

Man, this is a great table!

Sarah grinned and gazed over to the other side of the cafeteria. Lost turned to see what she was staring at. She couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, just a big crowd of kids around a small area.

"What are you looking at, Sarah?" Lost asked.

Sarah blinked and looked at Lost before smiling. "Oh, I just saw Julian. As in, the most awesome, popular guy here."

Who even is Julian?

"Um, sorry but who is Julian?" Lost said, biting into her sandwich.

"He's the most awesome-"

"I think she meant which guy over there is Julian. Because there are tons of people in this school and Lost here is new, right?" Karalee cut in.

"Ohh! Well, he's sitting over there." Sarah said pointing. "He has this curly kind of hair and he's wearing brown. Do you see him?"

Lost searched for a guy who fit the description. She finally noticed a guy who had curly, dirty blond-ish hair in the middle of a crowd. He was trying to eat his lunch and sign autographs at the same time.

What's up with this school and 'famous' people?

Lost turned back to her lunch and continued eating. She then felt a hard poke on her shoulder from behind her.

"Yes?" Lost sighed, turning around.

A boy with a weird spiked collar around his neck kept poking her.

"Yes?" Lost asked louder.

"Hey, do you want my tuna sandwich for your chicken sandwich? It's totally fair." the boy asked.

"Um, no thank you." Lost said, confused.

"C'mon! It's totally fair! My tuna sandwich is worth your sandwich. Here, I'll ask my buddy." the boy said.

"No. I don't really want to switch my lunch around. Sorry." Lost said, turning around.

The boy groaned and walked over to another table.

 "That was weird." Lost said to Sarah and Karalee.

"No, it's normal around here." Karalee replied. "You'll get used to it."

"Well, I have to go." Lost said, putting her bag into the trashcan.

"Where are you going?" Sarah asked.

"I have to go to the office and ask which dorm I'm getting and when I should bring my stuff in." Lost explained.

"Okay, see you later, Lost!" Sarah said, waving.

Lost pushed her through the cafeteria and out into the hallway. She walked down the hall towards the office.

As she wandered down the halls, she thought of the first part of the day's events. Famous people being everywhere. Finding great people. Failing dodgeball. Having a great lunch table. In all, it was a pretty good start to school.

Lost finally stood in front of the office door and opened the door. The same lady Lost had seen earlier was still at the desk.

"Um, excuse me. Do you know when I can get my stuff to my dorm or when I get to even know which dorm I'm in?" Lost asked.

The lady looked up and smiled. "You haven't found out yet? Oh, that's okay," she said.

She looked down at her computer and clicked the mouse a few times before looking back up at Lost.

"What's your name again, sugar?"

"I'm Lostfairy."

The lady made some more clicks with the mouse and typed on the keyboard of a little bit. She grabbed a sticky note and wrote down something before handing the paper to Lost.

"This here is your dorm room number. And you can bring your stuff down to your dorm after all the classes," the lady said.

"Thanks. Can I phone my mom and tell her that she can bring my stuff over after school?" Lost asked.

"Sure thing." The lady grabbed the phone and gave it to Lost.

Lost dialed her mom's number and waited. Her mom picked up after three rings.


"Hi, Mom."

"Oh, hi, sweetie!"

"Uh, Mom, I found out when you can bring my stuff over for my dorm. Just bring it over after school ends, okay?"

"Okay, Lostfairy. How is school? Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's cool. I've met some cool people here."

"That's so good!"

"Uh, Mom, I got to go, the bell just rung and this school is really big so it takes a while getting from place to place."

"Okay, bye!"


Lost hung up and pushed the phone over the desk to the lady.

"You better go to your class, Lostfairy," the lady said, smiling.

Lost nodded and ran out of the room into the hallway. She then realized that she didn't know what her next class was.

Lost shrugged her backpack off her back and dug inside for her schedule. After finally finding it, Lost looked over it.

Hmm, math next. Peachy.

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