Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chapter 8 - Good Morning Jamaasian High

Lost woke up to find sunlight streaming down out of the big window onto her face. She moaned and sat up, squinting her eyes.
Lost looked at all her room mates, each in turn. Swirl was curled up in her blankets with a little smile on her face. Gracie had her face stuffed into her pillow and one of her arms flopped out of the bed. Fang was lying perfectly still on her back with the blankets pulled over her face.

Smiling, Lost turned to look at the clock on her side table next to her bed. It shouted six-thirty at her in bold red light.

Sinking back into her fluffy covers, Lost stared at the ceiling, wondering what to do while she waited for her roomies to wake up.

An idea struck her. Lost quietly turned over and opened her backpack, cringing at the noises her zipper made. She pushed some books aside and grabbed her sketchbook and pencil.

Lost flipped the sketchbook open and tapped her pencil thoughtfully on her chin.

"Ughhhh," a voice groaned from Gracie's side of the room. Lost glanced up, surprised. Gracie then rolled over and her other arm flopped down on the other side of the bed.

Lost grinned and start sketching four people. She was going to draw her and her room mates together.

Half hour passed when Swirl yawned and lifted her arms, stretching. Lost watched as Swirl sat up and looked around. She smiled at Lost and Lost gestured to come over to her bed.

Swirl got up slowly, walked over to Lost's bed, and jumped under the covers with Lost.

"What are you drawing?" Swirl asked quietly.

"You. Well, all of us," Lost said. She pushed her sketchbook over for Swirl to see.

Swirl looked eagerly and did a thumbs up gesture. "That's so cool!"

Gracie made another noise from her side of the room. Swirl and Lost glanced over at her bed and then back at each other. They both grinned and suddenly, they just lost it. Lost quickly stuffed her face in the covers but she kept on giggling. Swirl kept on making funny noises as she tried to stop.

The noise woke up Fang. She sat up and looked at Lost and Swirl who were still laughing. She cocked her head, confused.

Swirl just shook her head and snickered. Lost still had her head in a blanket.

Gracie all of a sudden woke up and sat up quickly.

"What's going on?" she asked, sleepily.

Lost finally got control of herself and lifted her head. "You just were making funny noises and well, it wasn't that funny but I guess I'm hyper!"

Gracie laughed. "I was making noises? Like what?"

Swirl stopped laughing and started mimicking the noises Gracie had made. But Swirl was still gasping from laughing so hard so all she did was wheeze.

All the girls looked at each other and burst out laughing. Lost beamed.

I sure have some awesome room mates!

After they all caught their breath, Gracie got up out of her bed and started rummaging through her backpack.

"I have something for you guys," Gracie said as she stood up again. She lifted up her hand and Lost could see that four gold chains were dangling down. Swirl gasped and raced out of Lost's bed.

"What, really? You bought necklaces for us?" Swirl said. "They are SO cute!"

Each necklace had a dainty gold chain with a jewel pendent on the end. All four had different colors for the pendant. There was an orange, a red, a turquoise, and an emerald.

"Yup! I bought one for each of us. I didn't know which room mates I'd get so I wasn't so sure on buying them. But then my mom said I should just buy them and give them to whoever I get," Gracie replied. "I hope you like them!"

"I do!" Swirl gushed. "Can I pick one?"

Gracie nodded and Swirl reached out and took the one with the turquoise pendant.

Fang and Lost got up and looked that other necklaces. Lost thought they were all pretty.

"May I take the red?" Fang asked.

"Sure thing! Take whichever you want!" Gracie said.

Fang picked up the red pendant and walked back to her bed, admiring the necklace.

Lost thoughtfully looked at the other necklaces. She really liked the emerald colored one and it would bring out the little bit of green in her eyes.

Lost lift the emerald one and watched it as it shone in the sunlight. "I like this one."

"Then I'll take the orange one!" Gracie said happily.

Lost went back to her suitcase next to her bed and pulled out a green skirt and a gray shirt to go with it. It matched very nicely with the emerald pendant.

Swirl marched out of the bathroom, fully dressed and ready to go. She grabbed her wizard hat and plopped it down on her head with satisfaction.

Lost ducked into the bathroom and quickly changed and brushed the many knots and tangles out of her hair.

Just as she went out of the bathroom, the speakers let out a series of crackles.

"Hello and goooood morning!" Headmaster Clark said way too cheerily for seven in the morning. "I hope you all feel rested because today is going to be a fun, full day! Breakfast is in half an hour! Be sure to go down to the cafeteria. There, I will give out a few announcements. Jam on!"

Gracie rushed into the bathroom shouting, "I need more time! I have to do my pigtails!"

The door slammed shut. Lost started making her bed, trying to get it to look as good as it had before she had slept in it. After she struggled with that, she shoved her sketchbook back into her backpack.

A few minutes later, Gracie marched out of the bathroom with her hair in neat pigtails. Fang quickly ran into the bathroom so she could get changed as well.

Gracie sat on her bed, contemplating on which neck item to wear. Her orange scarf or her necklace. She finally decided on the necklace and quickly put it on.

"How does it look?" Gracie asked. The orange pendant stood out on the white and gray shirt.

"Lookin' good!" Swirl said.

Lost nodded and put her own green pendant necklace on. She noted Swirl had hers on as well.

"Ten minutes, let's go!" Fang exclaimed as she rushed out of the bathroom and dumped her pajamas on her bed.

The girls hurriedly put their shoes and ran out of their dorm, through the halls and down to the cafeteria.

"We should all sit at the same table!" Lost said after they gone through the line and got their homemade porridge.

The girls all nodded and sat down at an empty table. Lost looked around and noticed Bepper standing in the line with Wisteria. They seemed to be very good friends.

"Hey, can I invite Karalee, Sarah, and Ja to sit at our table?" Gracie asked.

Hey, I know all of those people! Maybe I'm getting the hang out this boarding school stuff.

"Sure!" Fang said.

Gracie got up and wandered into the crowd.

"Did she even see them or is she just looking?" Swirl asked, confused.

Lost shrugged and started digging into her porridge. She was pretty upset there wasn't any chocolate chips to put in it.

"I'm back! With the pack! Hey, that rhymed!" Gracie said, sitting down in a chair.

Karalee, Sarah, and Ja sat down at the table and immediately started chatting among themselves.

Lost glanced up and noticed a girl brown-black wavy hair making her way over to their table. The girl reached the table and sat down next to Gracie.

"Hey Gracie!" the girl said.

Gracie turned around and grinned. "Frozen! Hi!"

Frozen was wearing pretty much all orange. A orange cap with a design of a fox face sat on her head with a fake tail at the back. Her backpack was orange and she had orange and white stripped socks. A dark orange backpack and an orange necklace with little spikes matched the look.

"Guys, this is Frozen," Gracie said. "She is part of our pack."

All the girls introduced each other and started chatting and eating porridge.

A loud SHRIEEEEEK coming from the little stage at the far end of the room made almost all the students jump and look around. A younger looking student burst out crying.

"Sorry for that!" Headmaster Clark said into the microphone on the stage. "Anyway, I have a couple of announcements for you!"

He cleared his throat before beginning. "First of all, art is starting up today so make sure you go when it says so on your schedule tells you to do so. Second, one of your fellow students wishes to give a little announcement himself! So, without further ado, Aparri, please make your way to the stage.

Headmaster Clark went down off the stage and sat down in one the chairs near the stage. Lost looked around and saw Aparri making his way to the stage looking a little nervous.

Just as he was almost at the stage, a chant started.

"A-PARR-I! A-PARR-I! A-PARR-I!" kids chanted, banging the tables with their fists.

The chant seemed to calm him down. Aparri smirked and hopped onto the stage. He stood there and waited for the chant to stop. He looked like he was enjoying it. Finally, it drifted off.

"Hey, guys. It's me, Aparri." Aparri cleared his throat and continued. "As you all probably know, I get a load of autograph requests. Like, I just stand there in the hallway and a bunch of people yell at me to give them an autograph. I'm not saying I don't like it, I love it. But some of the teachers don't like it because that makes their students late for class."

A little ripple of laughter went throughout the cafeteria. Though Lost heard a loud sigh coming from nearby. Lost looked and saw a guy in blue. Like, all blue. He had a large blue top hat on his head and wore a blue shirt. He had a large black spiked necklace of some sorts around his neck and Lost noted a huge turquoise ring on his hand. He also was wearing a large frown on his face as he glowered at Aparri.

Just as Aparri was about to continue, a loud yell came from the back of the cafeteria.
"Just stop talking already! Don't you ever stop talking for just one moment in the day?!"
Aparri seemed a little taken aback but quickly recovered. "So, instead of me signing autographs in between the classes, I will be in the games room almost every night, ready to sign some autos."
A couple of girls at the table behind Lost sighed dreamily. Lost rolled her eyes.
"Before I go, I just want to let you know that I will be having a daily giveaway," Aparri took a deep breath before continuing. "AllyouneedtodoisheadtothegamesroomtonightandthenIwilltelltherulesthen. Well, peace out!" Aparri took another deep breath from talking so fast and walked off the stage.
The room erupted into applauds and Lost clapped half-heartedly, still confused on what he had said at the last part of his speech.
Lost felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a girl with a blue flower in her light brown hair and a blue and white stripped scarf around her neck. The girl leaned closer to Lost.
"Did you catch anything of what Aparri said at the end?" the girl whispered.
"Nope. Not a word." Lost whispered back.
"I'm Gfox, by the way." Gfox said softly.
"I'm Lostfairy." Lost grinned. She then noticed Headmaster Clark back on stage and turned back around in her seat to listen to him.
"Thank you very much, Aparri." Headmaster Clark said. "Well, the bell is just about to ring so you better finish up your breakfast and head on up to your classroom!"
The cafeteria became abuzz with noise and chatter. Sarah looked up from her empty porridge bowl and looked around at table.
"Does anyone have the same homeroom as me?" Sarah asked.
"I do!" Ja said brightly.
"I KNOW you do, Ja. I was asking everyone else." Sarah said and stuck out her tongue at Ja.
"Well, who do you have as your homeroom teacher?" Karalee asked.
"Mr. Sigurd." Ja replied then snickered. "Heh, that's a funny word. Sigurd."
"I have Ms. Liza. And I know you have her too, Swirl," Lost smiled.
"Speaking of which, I'd like to get there earlier rather than later. I hate getting caught up in the rush after the bell rings," Swirl said.
"Good plan. Bye guys!" Lost said, standing up.
There was a chorus of goodbyes as Lost and Swirl walked toward their second homeroom of the year.

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