Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chapter 6 - Dorm Sweet Dorm

Lost wandered down the halls, moving with the heavy flow of kids. As she walked down the stairs to the main floor, she spotted a familiar blue wizard hat a little farther away.
"Swirl!" Lost called over the loud crowd.
Swirlshine stopped and looked to see who had called her name. When she saw Lost, she grinned and ran over.
"Hey Lost! Whatcha doing?" Swirl asked.
"I'm going to the office to see which dorm I'm in and to get my locker. You?" Lost said.
"Same! Wanna come with me?" Swirl replied.
"Sure, that'd be great," Lost smiled.
They began walking towards the office. Lost noticed a large group of kids hanging around some lockers.
"Hey! Come sign up to the Wolf Clan!" one student yelled.
"Come join the Carrot Clan! We meet every day after school!" another kid shouted.
"What's that?" Lost asked Swirl as they passed by.
"Oh, that? Those are like clubs. Sorta," Swirl said.
What kind of club is a carrot clan?
They finally reached the office just as the door opened and a herd of loud kids walked out. Swirl reached over, grabbing the door before it shut and held it open.
"After you," Swirl said.
Lost walked into the room and saw there was a lineup for getting dorms and lockers. Lost marched to the end of the line and leaned on one foot slightly more than the other, waiting.
"So, how's school so far?" Swirl asked, coming up beside Lost.
"Pretty good. Coach Gilbert is... interesting," Lost smirked.
"Yeah. he's something else, isn't he?" Swirl laughed. "By the way, are you thinking of joining any after school activities, like sports or drama?"
"Hmm, I don't know." Lost thought for a moment. "Maybe? What about you?"
"Perhaps drama?" Swirl said.
"Nice," Lost said as they moved up in the line. Lost glanced over and saw they were the next ones up after a boy with all black clothing.
After a minute, the boy took a slip of paper from the lady at the desk and walked towards the door, glaring at everyone. Lost shuffled forward.
"Hello, girls. How may I help you?" the lady asked.
"Hi, we're here for our dorm room locations and our lockers." Swirl said politely.
"And your names?" the lady said.
"Swirlshine and Lostfairy." Swirl replied.
The lady clacked away on her keyboard for a bit before grabbing two pieces of paper and writing something down.
"Here you are," the lady said, handing the pieces of paper over.
"Thank you!" Lost and Swirl called as they walked away from the desk.
"Let's see which dorms we have," Swirl said excitedly.
Lost looked down at her paper, skipped pass her locker location and code, and saw where her dorm room was.
"My dorm room is number twenty-six," Lost said as Swirl leaned over her shoulder to see.
"Yaaaayy!" Swirl shrieked in Lost's ear. "My room is twenty-six too! We're roomies!"
Lost beamed and grabbed Swirl's arm.
"C'mon, let's go to our dorm!" Lost said, pulling Swirl towards the door.
"Oh wait! I forgot to phone my mom," Lost said, stopping.
She quickly ran back to desk and asked to use the phone.
After a few minutes, she flew back to where Swirl was waiting.
"Come on!" Swirl said. "I wonder who else will be in our room!"
The girls hurried up the stairs to floor four where the beginning of the girls' dorm rooms were. As they went down the hall, looking for their room, they heard girls yelling and laughing in the hallway and in different rooms. Doors were left open as everyone found their room.
Lost and Swirl stopped in front of their room. Lost held her breath as Swirl twisted the knob.
This is it. I'm going to find out which girls I'm going to spend all year with.
Swirl pushed the door open and walked in. Lost followed after her.
The room was empty. There were four beds, two on either side of the room. A giant window was on the far wall across from the door. There was a night table next to each bed with a lamp. The beds all had the same bedspreads and two pillows on each bed. The wall was a light brown wood and the floor had carpet spread all around it. The room was nice, comfy, and homey.
Lost walked over to the window and peered out. She could see the school grounds where a few students were scattered around. There was some woods further out behind the field.
"Well, one of our roomies must have come and gone," Swirl declared.
Lost turned back and noticed a suitcase next to one of the beds closest to the window.
"Which bed do you want?" Lost asked.
"Can I have this one?" Swirl asked, pointing to the other window bed.
"Sure. I'll take the one next to it," Lost replied.
Lost sat on the bed and daydreamed about how she would decorate her little space. Perhaps some posters and books in the night table shelf. And some of her stuffed toys on the bed.
"Lost!" Swirl said, cutting through Lost's daydream.
"Hm?" Lost replied.
"I was asking when you would get your suitcase and things."
"Oh, my mom said she'd bring it over soon," Lost said, glancing at the clock on the wall. "I think she'll be here in about ten minutes."
Swirl nodded and sat down on her own bed. She gazed at the door. "I really want to know who we're going to spend our year with, y'know?"
Lost nodded. "I know."
All of a sudden, the door burst open.

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