Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chapter 1 - There's a New Kid at Jamaasian High


Lostfairy woke up with a start. She sat up and smiled. Today was going to be great. She'd stay home and read all morning. Then, she'd play computer and maybe watch an episode of "The Flash" with her siblings. Oh, and go for a bike ride!

Knock knock knock!

"Could you please turn off your alarm clock?" called Dreadwisp, her brother, through the door. "It is very loud and it's getting annoying."


Lost reached over and turned the alarm off. She stood up, stretched, and walked over to the door. Just as she was about to open it, she looked at her Disney calendar.

How could I forget?!

She rushed out into the hallway and saw her mom, baking in the kitchen.

"Mom! Uh, is today September seventh?"

Her mom looked up and smiled. "Yes, it is. Why?"

Lost groaned. How could she have forgotten that today was the first day of school? Public school. As in, not homeschool.

"You better go get changed. It's already seven-thirty." said her mom.

Lost ran back down the hall into her bedroom. She frantically opened her closet and stared at her clothes.

What should I wear? A dress? No, it's just school. Jeans and t-shirt? No way. Too plain.

Finally deciding on a gray t-shirt and red skirt, she stepped back and looked into the mirror.

I'll have to do something with that hair of mine. Lost grimaced. Her hair was curly, yet straight. It was tangled in a weird mess.

After trying to get all the tangles out, she finally called it "decent."

She walked over to the dining room table and called, "Mom, when's breakfast and what are we having?"

"Pancakes, Lostfairy! And I think the pancakes are ready now so bring your plate here," Mom replied. "Koolestkat, come! It's breakfast time!"

Koolestkat was Lost's sister. She was going to be attending the same school as Lostfairy.

The two girls sat at the table and started eating their chocolate chip pancakes, hurriedly. Lost was done first and ran to get her backpack.

Lost slung her backpack over her shoulder, already filled with her school things.

"I'm ready. Can we go now?" Lost asked as she stood by the front door.

"Yeah, Mom. I'm ready too," Koolest said.

Mom got the keys and they all stepped outside. Once they were inside the car, Lost started getting really nervous. She tried to remember all she could about her new school.

It was called Jamaasian High and it had a lot of kids attending. It was a boarding school, which would be very new for Lost. The headmaster, Clark Stacey, was pretty nice at the little tour last week that Lost went to. The school was huge and had lots of trees and flowers all around. Vines grew basically everywhere. There were fountains and ponds. It was naturey everywhere.

They had been driving for a little when they went around a turn and Lost, all of a sudden, saw it. Jamaasian High. It was bigger than she remembered. Lost gulped nervously.

They drove into the big, fancy parking lot. Mom stopped the car and looked at Lost and Koolest.

"You'll be okay?" she asked. "Try to figure out when you should bring all your clothes and things to your dorm. Phone me when you find that out."

"Yeah. Totally," Lost replied, trying to sound calm. "Sure thing."

Koolest smiled at Lost while getting out of the car. Lost also stepped out and they turned to watched her mom smile, wave, and drive away.

Turning back around, Lost stared at all the crowds of people. There were tons of kids!

"Bye, Lost! See you later," Koolest said as she walked into the herds of kids.

Lost watched her sister walk away before she started walking down the stone pathway to the giant, oak doors of the school. As she went, she heard bits of chatter coming from all around.

"Oh my gosh, we're going to the same school as Aparri!"

"I hope I see Wisteriamoon again. Last year, she was, like, totally popular and cool."

"I love all the nature around here! Totally awesome!"

Lost reached the door and had just reached out to open it when someone came in front her.

"Hey! You look new! Welcome to Jamaasian High! Hey, you wanna join the cheerleading team?" said a girl. She grinned at Lost.

"Uh, I think I'm good. I don't wanna, you know, break myself while doing something crazy," Lost said. "But thanks for the offer."

The girl laughed. "Well, okay then! By the way, I'm Snowyclaw! I'm the top cheerleader! And our school's mascot is a blue heron named Mira! Cool, right?"

"I'm Lostfairy," Lost said.

"That's a nice name! Well, see you around!" Snowyclaw waved and walked back to a group of girls.

After watching them for a few moments, Lost turned and opened the doors. She gasped when she stepped inside.

The ceiling was very high and ivy went all the way down the stone walls. Wooden lockers all in long lines were down the hall. The ground was marble and in the center of the entryway was a huge statue of a bird. It seemed to have a magical glow around it.

Lost spun around, soaking it all in, and bumped into someone.

"Dude, watch where you're going," said a boy with brown spiky-ish hair. He was wearing a bunch of different shades of red. Somehow, they all worked together.

"Sorry!" Lost blushed.

The boy looked over his shoulder and saw a huge crowd of girls running toward him.

"Aparri! Aparri! Come back!" the girls cheered.

"Oh, great. I literally can't get anywhere around here without girls following me," he said and then started fast-walking towards the lockers.

Lost shook her head. So that was the Aparri she had heard about from outside

She then started looking around for the school office. After a few minutes of walking up and down some stairs, a girl with pale skin and black hair walked up to her. Lost noticed she had a really pretty necklace on. It was a light blue gem that matched her eyes.

"You looked like you need help." said the girl, kindly.

"Heh, is it that obvious?" Lost said nervously. "I'm trying to find the school office."

"Oh! I know where that is! Come with me," said the girl.

Lost followed the girl. "I'm Lostfairy, by the way."

"I'm Doomypanda. Most people call me Doomy," the girl replied.

They walked down the hall. Doomy finally stopped at a glass door that had the words "School Office" on it.

"Here we are," she said.

"Thanks so much, Doomy! You saved me from a long time of searching," Lost said, grinning.

"Anytime!" Doomy said. "Hope I'll see you sometime in my classes, Lostfairy!"

Lost nodded and opened the door. There was a big desk in the middle of the room with a lady sitting behind it, typing on a computer. Lost walked up to the desk.

"Hi. I'm Lostfairy. I'm new here and I need my schedule, please," Lost said.

The lady smiled and gave her a paper with her school schedule.

"Welcome here. I hope you enjoy attending here, Lostfairy," she said.

Lost looked down at her schedule and quickly checked to see what her first class was.

So first I go to homeroom, which is on the first floor.

Lost moved her way through the loud crowd to her homeroom. The bell rung and people started running to their classrooms. Lost picked up her pace and found her class. She peered inside the door. Most of the desks were full already.

This is it. My first ever homeroom.

Taking a deep breath, Lost opened the door and stepped through.


  1. OMG I absolutely love this,I just started chapter 1 and I'm loving it!Good job btw my blog is called www.nazbesties.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! ^.^ I will be sure to check your blog out! :D