Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Chapter 12 - The Torture Called Jogging

Lost smiled and stretched as she stood in the breakfast line-up in the cafeteria the next morning. Today's breakfast special was eggs and toast.

"How was your sleep?" Swirl asked, moving up in the line with Lost.

"It was good, how about you?" Lost asked.

"Good!" Swirl replied before turning to the lunch lady behind the counter. "Two pieces of toast is fine!"

After the girls got their breakfast, Swirl glanced around, as if looking for someone.

"Aha!" Swirl said just as Lost was about to ask who she was looking for. "Come, I have someone I want you to meet."

Lost followed curiously through the cafeteria past a couple of tables. She noticed Aparri, Bepper, Wisteriamoon, and Julian were all sitting at the same table, laughing and joking as if they were the best of friends.

'Course all the 'famous' people are chums.

"Lost, meet Kraft!" Swirl suddenly announced as they reached a table where Kraft sat, eating.

"Oh! I've already met Kraft before," Lost chuckled, sliding into a seat next to Kraft.

"Mhm," Kraft said, her mouth full of eggs.

"Really?" Swirl smiled at Lost. "You are just everywhere, aren't you?"

Lost smirked and took a large bite of toast. "Now you know my secret!"

"These eggs are just the best! They don't taste like those eggs from the stores. Those ones are just plain rubbish," Kraft declared.

"Of course you like these eggs, silly!" Swirl laughed, shoving Kraft playfully.

"Uh, why?" Lost said, feeling out of the loop.

"Kraft absolutely loves chickens," Swirl said.

"I see," Lost said though she still felt a little confused.

After a while, the bell rung loudly, letting everyone know that class was going to start soon. Lost stood up and looked around. Most of the other students were done eating as well. Chairs got shoved and calls were yelled as kids pushed their way to the door.

"Come, Swirl." Lost said, gesturing to the door. "Homeroom will start soon."

"Bye Kraft!" Swirl said, giving Kraft a hug before she stood up. "See you later!"

"Bye guys!" Kraft called as Lost and Swirl went with the flow of students and out into the hallway.

* * *

Lost wandered into her science classroom just after the final bell had rung. Almost all the seats were taken and everyone looked up at her. As Lost blushed, she glanced up at Mr. Cosmo and noticed he was smiling kindly down at her.

"Sorry that I was late," Lost apologized.

"It's ok, Lostfairy," Mr. Cosmo replied and smiled a big, bright smile, his eyes squinting.

Lost blushed even harder, trying not to notice that Mr. Cosmo was actually quite handsome. As she hurried to her desk next to Penguin, Mr. Cosmo began his lecture on a certain type of fungus that is nicknamed "zombie fungus" that infects ants.

"So, this type of fungus, scientifically named Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, actually attaches itself to the carpenter ants and it eventually breaks into the ant's exoskeleton. Then the yeast stage of the fungus spreads over the ant's body and actually manipulates the ant!" Mr. Cosmo exclaimed, gesturing with his hands.

Penguin suddenly raised his hand. 

"Yes, Penguin?" Mr. Cosmo asked.

"What does the fungus make the ant do?" Penguin said, sounding curious.

"Good question!" Mr. Cosmo said. "The fungus makes the ant climb onto a stem of a plant. Then, it makes the ant stick to a leaf vein. After that, the ant can not move from that spot because the fungus destroyed some of the connections in the ant's muscles. This tight grip to the leaf vein is known as the death grip and is very important in the fungus's lifecycle."

"What happens after?" Penguin said.

"Well, things start looking worse for the ant. The fungus kills the ant and then continues to grow in the ant's soft tissues. When the fungus is ready to reproduce, well, things get disturbing. The fungus's fruiting bodies grow from the ant's head and rupture, releasing spores."

This is one interesting science class...

* * *

Lost panted as she ran another lap around the gym. She loved running but now she was getting a bit tired.

"Hey, Lost!" Naffy said cheerfully as she jogged up next to Lost.

"Hi there," Lost said, smiling. "What's up?"

"Nothing much. How are you enjoying Jamaasian High?" Naffy asked, glancing over at Lost.

"It's a nice school! It's got a great community and I love my dorm room girls," Lost said. "I've met a lot of nice people!"

"That is so good!" Naffy replied.


"Stop with the CHIT-CHAT and start FOCUSING ON RUNNING!" Coach Gilbert yelled from across the gym.

"Ugh, how long is he going to make us run?" Naffy whispered.

"No clue," Lost said, trying to shrug as she ran. "I'm so not used to gym since I didn't have it when I was homeschooled."

"Ah, it must be a tough switch, huh?" Naffy said.

"I sure miss my home and old life but I love making new friends so I'll be fine," Lost smiled.

Lost looked up and saw Swirl with another girl running just up ahead.

"Swirl!" Lost called, hoping her friend would slow down and run with her and Naffy.

Swirl looked behind her and a big grin went across her face. She turned toward the girl with her and said something. They both slowed down so Lost and Naffy could catch up.

"Hey, guys!" Swirl said, panting. "Meet Violet! She's in a couple of my other classes too!"

"Hi there, Violet!" Lost and Naffy said.

"Hello!" Violet replied. "I am so done with running. Is Coach Gilbert trying to torture us?!"

"I hope not!" Lost replied with a laugh.

Just as Lost was about to open her mouth and say something, the loud bell was rung overhead.

"Alright! Gym is now OVER!" Coach Gilbert shouted.

"Well, let's go get changed out of these gross gym clothes," Lost joked as they started walking over to the change rooms.


  1. The title of this chapter is definitely true, XDD!

    1. Hehe, thank you. XD Jogging is a pain sometimes. xD

  2. Great chapter, Lost! I love it! You're such a great writer!

    1. Thank you, Transions!! ^.^ It's not technically a new one but thank you so so much! ^.^

  3. Wow, i literally just re read from chapter one XD
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