Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chapter 2 - Just Getting Started

As Lost stepped inside the room, some kids looked curiously at her. Lost tried to ignore them and looked around, trying to find a good desk that was free. She finally decided on one in the middle next to a bright, cheerful looking girl with brown hair and a boy with shaggy hair with chilled white ends.

She sat down and set her backpack on the ground. Lost looked at her classmates. The boy next to her seemed to like green. A lot. He wore at least three shades of green.

Should I have worn all the same colors as well? Would I fit in more if I wore all one color in lots of shades?

As Lost looked through her backpack, trying to look like she was doing something important and not just sitting there, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hi there! You new?" said the brown haired girl. She was wearing a cute yellow jacket with green clovers on it.

Maybe I'll be okay with what I'm wearing.

"Hey. Yeah, I am," Lost said, wondering if she looked that out of place that anyone could tell she was new. "Are you?"

"Cool! Welcome here!" replied the girl happily. "Nope, I'm not new. I'm Swirlshine, by the way!"

"Nice name," Lost commented. "I'm Lostfairy."

"You're gonna love it here! It has tons of great people attending." Swirlshine grinned and pushed up her glasses. "Just so you know, the school has some 'famous' people here. I don't really care for 'the great and all so wonderful' Aparri. Some of the others are pretty cool, though."

"Yeah, I kinda met Aparri on the way here. Well, I didn't really meet him, more like bumped into him." Lost laughed nervously.

Swirl laughed and opened her mouth to say something but got interrupted by the homeroom door opening.

A lady came in and walked to the front of the room. She looked pretty young. Maybe early thirties.
With her dark, long braid and turquoise cute clothes, it was kinda hard to tell.

"Hello everyone! Welcome to Jamaasian High," she said, kindly. "My name is Ms. Liza and I am your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year. Today we have a special treat. Headmaster Clark is coming to each homeroom to greet you all and wish you a good year."

She glanced toward the door. "Oh, look! There he is now." Ms. Liza walked over to the side of the room.

"Good morning, everyone!" called the man as he walked up to the front of the class. "I am Clark Stacey, your headmaster. I really just wanted to come and wish everyone good luck on this year's school." He smiled.

Everyone smiled politely but someone called out, "We know! I can't wait for this dumb year to be OVER!"

Lost turned and saw who had said it. A boy with black, long shaggy hair, almost emo style, crossed his arms over his leather jacket and frowned.

Clark cleared his throat before continuing. "This year will be spectacular. We have such bright teachers and bright students. I know you will all enjoy attending."

He started pacing. "We mostly have the same students as last year but we have a few new students! I would like them to come up and tell us about themselves."

"Cuddly, Lostfairy, and Skywatcher. Please come up and inform us about yourselves," he said, smiling.

Lost gulped and stood up, along with two other girls.

Cuddly, a curly haired girl who looked like she had a lot of energy, went first.

"Hey, I'm Cuddly. I just moved here but I already love the community and city. Uh, I like hanging
out online and being around friends." She glanced at Clark and then hurried back to her desk.

Skywatcher stood forward, brushing her caramel colored hair away from her face.

"Um, hi. I'm Skywatcher. I can play piano. I like hanging out with my best friends and yeah, that's all I can think of."

Skywatcher quickly walked over to her desk. Lost gulped when she noticed everyone was looking at her. Also, her mouth was doing that thing where she wanted to say something but nothing came out.

"Um, I'm Lostfairy. I, uh, used to be homeschooled but now, um, I go here. I mean, you can see that I go here, because I'm here, right?" Lost blushed as she stammered. "Uh, I like skateboarding and rollerblading. I also like, um, being outside and I love my computer. I also love books."

Lost watched as some of the kids whispered to each other. As she went back to her desk, she felt her face go even warmer. As she sat, Clark went back to the front of the room.

"Thanks for sharing, girls. Well, I'm sure we all feel like we know all three of the newcomers a little bit more." Clark smiled. "Now, it's time for your classes to start. Have an amazing first day!"

Everyone scrambled to get up and grab their backpacks. The crowd started pushing and shoving their way to the door.

Lost took her time, slowly grabbing her backpack and standing up. She looked up to find Swirlshine smiling at her.

"C'mon! What class are you going to next? I hope we have the same one." Swirl beamed at Lost.

"I have science first. You?" Lost said.

"Aww, I have math. I hope we get the next one the same! What's your next one after?" Swirl said, looking over.

"I have P.E.," Lost said.

"Oh! Me too! Yay!" Swirl jumped excitedly.

Lost waved goodbye as she walked out of the room and started looking around for her science classroom. She looked around and saw a giant piece of paper on the wall next to her homeroom. She walked over and noticed it was a huge map of Jamaasian High.

It's so big, they need a map?!

Lost moved her finger over the map and found her science classroom. It was up on the third floor.
She looked around for stairs and noticed there was some wooden stairs down the hall. She walked over and climbed up to the second floor. Next to the stairs was another set, leading to the third floor.

When she started going up, she noticed Aparri glancing over his shoulder as he ran down the stairs and almost rammed into her.

Aparri noticed too and yelled, "That seriously would have been our second time bumping into each other today."

Lost shook her head as he kept running down the hall. That guy should look where he's going too.

At the top of the stairs, she saw her class just next to the stairs. She opened the door and walked inside.

It was emptier than the homeroom but still had some kids in it. Lost easily found a seat in the middle again. She glanced around and saw lots of beakers and test tubes. She even noticed a cauldron in the back of the room. What's that for? Are we witches or what?

The door opened and a crowd of girls came in. They all sat down and crowded around one girl who had short brown hair and wore a bunch of pink. They all started whispering and looking around.

Everyone stopped talking when they saw their teacher walk in. He had tanned skin and light brown hair. He looked pretty young, maybe early twenties. He wore a pea-green baseball cap and green shirt.

He walked over to his desk and blackboard. He looked at every person and smiled.

"Hello everyone. I am your teacher, Cosmo. Please, call me Mr. Cosmo." He was about to continue when the shaggy haired boy with different colored ends burst into the room.

"Sorry, I'm late!" he panted.

"It's alright. Just sit down, please." Mr. Cosmo said, looking a little disturbed.

The boy grinned and sat down next to Lost. He looked at her and mouthed, "Hi!"

She nodded and looked back at the front of the room where Mr. Cosmo was writing his name on the

Turning back around, Mr. Cosmo started talking. "So, welcome to my science class. I hope you all find out that science is a very wonderful and interesting thing to learn and study."

He started pacing. "To start today off, I want to pair you with your partner that will work with you for half the year."

"Why can't we pick our science partner ourselves?" somebody shouted from the back.

Mr. Cosmo nodded. "Sure. You all can pick your partner. When you pick someone, push two desks together and sit there together."

Everyone started moving and pushing desks around. Lost looked and saw lots of girls trying to be partners with the brown haired girl.

"Let me be your partner, Wisteria! Please!" they said.

So that's Wisteriamoon. Interesting.

Lost felt a tap on her shoulder. She whirled around and saw the boy next to her smiling.

"Wanna be partners?" he asked.

"Uh, sure." Lost nodded.

"I'm Penguin. What's your name?" he asked as he stood up to push his desk.

"I'm Lostfairy," Lost said as she pushed her desk over.

They sat down and waited for the others to be finished.

"Perfect! Everyone has a partner, I see." Mr. Cosmo said, nodding. "Now, let's start today's lesson!"

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