Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Welcome to Jamaasian High!

Welcome to my Jamaasian High blog!

You may have read part of it on my main blog, Animal Jam Jumble. I decided to continue the story on it's own blog! :D

Anyhoo, this story is about me, Lostfairy, going to a school where all of Animal Jam is a huge, boarding school and jammers are students. There are the hackers, the Youtubers, the adoption kids, the bloggers, the Alphas, and everything else. ^.^

If you dislike how I write your character and you feel like you are being written completely wrong, I am really sorry. I just wrote you how I think I know your personality. If you don't prefer how I wrote you, feel free to comment and let me know what I could do better. :)

Also, if I don't know how you look like, I make up a description. Like, how I would imagine you or how your animal looks like or even to match your user. So, again, if I somehow manage to guess how you looked like, it's all chance. Unless I saw a picture of you or you said it on your blog, of course. :P

I will try to post chapters as often as I can. And remember, writing a story is a lot of work and I like editing it until it's perfect!

Also, credit to AJkraft for some of the ideas! And a little bit of credit to Swirlshine for helping me dream up the idea. :D

I hope you enjoy my tale of woe! Enjoy, jam on, and read on!

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